Kayne West Air for Sale. Really!

Entrepreneurship has reached new heights with an auction style listing of a plastic bag of air on Ebay.  The zippered bag of air was apparently from a Kanye West concert.  Considering he’s Yeezus, the auction reached $60,000 before it was shut down by the online auction site.

Kanye West Air for Sale

The story may sound crazy, but things get crazier when copycat sellers pop up instantly.  Of course supply and demand being what it is, prices have not flown off the charts for the remaining bags of air, but nice try to those perpetuating excessive supply.  And nice try to those attempting to use a differentiation model by selling Justin Bieber concert air.  Kudos too to the fellow who was asking $1,000 as a starting bid for Michael Jackson concert air from 1993.  Sure hope you kept that in the freezer.

At the time of this posting prices were at $489.99 for air from Kanye West’s Sydney concert in September 2014, and a mere $280.00 for just the bag from the Kanye West concert at Barclays Centre. Sorry no air included.

Kanye West Air for Sale

This may sound like a lot of hot air, but it’s not.  In the meantime I’m off to the ACC to check out Ariana’s leftover air from last night.  At least that’s a tad fresher.

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