Our Services

We offer personalized therapy and support sessions for autistic adolescents and adults. We offer these sessions via text, video or voice calls. We understand that is not always possible for individuals to have a video or voice call and in some cases may not want those types of sessions and that is why we offer a text option as well. We work with clients all over the world so location is not a problem.

Due to the current COVID-19 economic climate we are offering a lowered rate of 22$ per hour for these sessions. If you would like to book a session or would like more information please contact us below or fill out a booking form form on the home page.

Types of Sessions

Autism and ADHD Therapy sessions

These are tailored therapy support sessions. They are held via text, video or voice calls. They focus on many areas and specific to the needs of the individual, some examples are:

Information and resources, coping techniques/skills, self-esteem building, strengths and special interests, masking, relationships, job interviews and work environments

$14.50: 30 minutes

$22.00: 1 hour

Educational Tutorials

These are online lessons for all ages that are again designed according to a students needs. These are aimed at helping provide support in a number of subjects, some examples include:

English and communication, mathematics, Psychology and more. The students are accommodated according to their educational needs using the RISE approach.

$7.50: 30 minutes

$15.00: 1 hour


Camille Daligand who is the founder of The RISE Approach has studied psychology for 9 years, completing an undergraduate degree as well as two post graduate degrees. She has a CAS certification from the IBCCES and has over 10 years experience in the field. She has worked with autistic children, teens and adults.

She has started RISE Resources International after asking the autistic adult community for what support they actually want and need. There is little to no resources that actually accommodate the wants and needs of the neurodiversity community. The aim of this site is to create a safe environment and community of like minded individuals who want to help each other learn and grow.