Janice Kobelsky

Janice Kobelsky, CMA, FCMA

Janice is a professional in strategic leadership, with over 25 years of executive/senior level strategic business leadership, training and coaching experience. She is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and a Fellow of CMA Canada (FCMA), with an extensive track record of service to her profession, including its accreditation and continuous professional learning programs.

Tri-lingual and a former Dale Carnegie master trainer, Janice’s goal is to energize potential. Clients appreciate her value-based approach as she guides their strategic thinking and coaches them to higher levels of business and personal performance and fulfillment.

Says Janice, “When it comes to everyday leadership, there are so many ‘unsung heroes’. People who care and who want to make a difference. Often though, making time for personal and professional development, strategic and business planning is difficult at best, and, worse, when we do, we are frequently left with this unspoken question: ‘how do I do this?’ That’s where I come in.”

Janice founded her own consulting firm. in 2007, offering strategic, leadership and business development and continues to offer facilitation to a full spectrum of industries and services with both her own firm as well as with White Line. She is the author and developer of the Think Anew! Series, which includes a Leader’s Competency Map; a suite of Leader Guides with companion on-line courses; and, in-person, high performance experiential ‘scrum’ sessions, designed to achieve breakthrough fulfillment and success. Her purpose, as trainer, facilitator, coach or planner is to facilitate a strategic shift in leadership that energizes organizational and human potential.  The intent, she affirms, “Your meaningful vision, fulfilled.”

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