Patricia Zeegers

Patricia Zeegers White Line Business Consultant

I launched my own business in 2009 to provide other entrepreneurs and managers with the help they need to turn their business obstacles into opportunities, and do the same here at White Line.

Before this, I spent years working in the Netherlands for Nike. I was given several high-profile projects that provided me with the invaluable skill-set to be able to successfully offer business advice to others.

At Nike I had the opportunity to work on a project which aimed to make Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) part of the heart of the organization. Ever since then, I have been a strong supporter of social projects that make a real difference for people and the planet while still making a profit (People, Planet, and Profit).

In 2006, I left the Netherlands for Barcelona, deciding to go it alone. My core activities as an entrepreneur and consultant remain the same: make sure goals are aligned, initial project set-up, ensuring budgets are not exceeded and deadlines are met. I believe that businesses nowadays must implement a strategy to account for new values. As a consultant, I help entrepreneurs combine the aim for profit with sustainability.

Geographical distances are not an obstacle for me as my business goes wherever my suitcase and I go. I divide my time between projects in the Netherlands, Barcelona and I also occasionally head to Morocco.

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