These sessions are held online via video, voice calls, or text depending on client preferences. These comply with HIPAA and POPIA approved platforms.

Session Duration

  • 30 minute sessions
  • 1 hour sessions

Send me an email to find out about session durations and rates.

Concierge services which will be clearly defined and structured with clients are also available. This includes texts and email services outside of session times.

Individual Counselling


Cami offers one-on-one online counselling for general problems, trauma, drug/alcohol abuse, work/life stress, and bereavement counselling.

These serve to enhance the total wellbeing of clients by making use of a systems approach to counselling – working towards achieving wholeness within the integrative unity of body and mind. 

Couples Counseling


Marriage and couples counselling including conflict resolution, improving relationships, sorting out general problems, coping with life’s challenges.

This includes comprehensive and specialized counselling support to help couples cope with life’s challenges and finding solutions within their relationships.

Coaching and Skills


These are one-on-one neurodiverse coaching sessions focusing on coping techniques, general life skills, relationships, self-esteem building, burnout, masking, executive function coaching and accommodations.

This is a non-invasive approach to neurodiversity support and education that incorporates an individual\’s strengths and special interests to help provide a safe environment to learn and grow. It does not perpetuate the \”disease model\” in any way.

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