How is your business making business decisions?  How does your business plan its strategy?  Is your strategic plan working?

At RISE we enhance business decision making and develop solid strategic objectives through the delivery of insights based on research, data analytics and financial analysis.

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Successful businesses use The RISE Approach.


RISE provides businesses the opportunity to understand their market position, competitive capabilities, and customers, through research and analysis.  Using analytical and statistical modelling we leverage these insights to create actionable strategies that lead to good business decisions.

Big data or small data, big numbers or small numbers, either way we use the necessary tools and similar techniques to make data driven, knowledge-based business decisions using the RISE approach.

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The RISE approach is a formula for organizational success. Through research and analytics, we uncover insights that lead to the development of a strategic plan, and create an executable roadmap that takes you through the implementation process.

Whether you are looking to gain knowledge on a specific subject, searching for an answer to a specific business question, trying to understand what your next strategic move should be, or seeking insights on why your marketing strategy isn’t working, we’ll transform your questions into insights and come up with a working plan.

We are a consulting firm based in Ontario, Canada serving the GTHA area from Toronto to Niagara.  Our virtual capabilities mean that we work with businesses globally and remotely.

We specialize in the Travel industry, Financial Services industry, Health and Fitness industry, Ecommerce businesses, and socioeconomics and environmental research-based case studies.

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Resistance to Organizational Change: Causes, Attitudes and Mitigations

Greek Philosopher Heraclitus once said, “The only thing that is constant is change.” Although this statement was made in the mid B.C. years it still rings true today.  Change is constant, but our acceptance and attitude towards change makes all the difference.  Businesses can grow or fail based on their skill at managing change, and …

3 Reasons Why Analytics Isn’t Working

Now that many organizations have jumped on the analytics band wagon, the ability to assess the effectiveness of analytics in relation to business success has presented itself.  The problem is, although there are many reasons for using analytics to understand and drive business growth, businesses feel that analytics isn’t working for them, and here’s why …

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