Work/life Stress

Stress is the feeling of emotional or physical tension, dread and uneasiness.

Some people may experience differing emotions or feelings, such as frustration, tension, anger or nervousness from stress. Many people have stress and some may need more support than others.

Cami was a volunteer counsellor at SADAG for over 3 years, which in addition to her education, developed specialised ways to help others manage stress including help with panic attacks.


Cami does not adhere to the disease model when approaching autistic coaching.

She has extensive experience working with children, adolescences and adults on the spectrum and is a certified autism specialist.

She has developed the RISE Approach as a non-invasive and non-adversive alternative to neurodiverse education and coaching.

Her blog, Everything Autism – An Adult Perspective, is aimed at encouraging a safe, non-judgemental platform for autistic voices to be heard.

Trauma Counselling

While volunteering at CHOC for many years, Cami developed the necessary skills to help people deal and cope with trauma.

Her ability to empathise and support people through traumatic experiences and times of grief is one of her strengths.